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The ManagedZone Custom Resource Definition (CRD)


Field Type Required Description
spec ManagedZoneSpec Yes The specification for ManagedZone custom resource
status ManagedZoneStatus No The status for the custom resource


Field Type Required Description
id String No ID is the provider assigned id of this zone (i.e. route53.HostedZone.ID)
domainName String Yes Domain name of this ManagedZone
description String No Description for this ManagedZone
parentManagedZone ManagedZoneReference No Reference to another managed zone that this managed zone belongs to
dnsProviderSecretRef SecretRef No Reference to a secret containing provider credentials


Field Type Required Description
name String Yes Name of a managed zone


Field Type Required Description
name String Yes Name of the secret
namespace String Yes Namespace of the secret


Field Type Description
observedGeneration String Number of the last observed generation of the resource. Use it to check if the status info is up to date with latest resource spec
conditions []Kubernetes meta/v1.Condition List of conditions that define that status of the resource
id String The ID assigned by this provider for this zone (i.e. route53.HostedZone.ID)
recordCount Number The number of records in the provider zone
nameServers []String The NameServers assigned by the provider for this zone (i.e. route53.DelegationSet.NameServers)