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The TLSPolicy Custom Resource Definition (CRD)


Field Type Required Description
spec TLSPolicySpec Yes The specification for TLSPolicy custom resource
status TLSPolicyStatus No The status for the custom resource


Field Type Required Description
targetRef Gateway API PolicyTargetReference Yes Reference to a Kuberentes resource that the policy attaches to
issuerRef CertManager meta/v1.ObjectReference Yes IssuerRef is a reference to the issuer for the created certificate
commonName String No CommonName is a common name to be used on the created certificate
duration Kubernetes meta/v1.Duration No The requested 'duration' (i.e. lifetime) of the created certificate.
renewBefore Kubernetes meta/v1.Duration No How long before the currently issued certificate's expiry cert-manager should renew the certificate.
usages []CertManager v1.KeyUsage No Usages is the set of x509 usages that are requested for the certificate. Defaults to digital signature and key encipherment if not specified
revisionHistoryLimit Number No RevisionHistoryLimit is the maximum number of CertificateRequest revisions that are maintained in the Certificate's history
privateKey CertManager meta/v1.CertificatePrivateKey No Options to control private keys used for the Certificate

IssuerRef certmanmetav1.ObjectReference


Field Type Description
observedGeneration String Number of the last observed generation of the resource. Use it to check if the status info is up to date with latest resource spec.
conditions []Kubernetes meta/v1.Condition List of conditions that define that status of the resource.