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Kuadrant Getting Started - Multi Cluster


In this quick start, we will cover the setup of Kuadrant in multiple local kind clusters. This document is intended as a follow on to the single cluster guide. It can be used for adding 1 or more clusters to your local setup.


Environmental Variables

The same environment variable requirements from the Single-cluster Quick Start apply to this document, including the KUADRANT_REF variable.

Set Up a kind cluster and install Kuadrant

Run the same quickstart script from the single cluster quick start:

curl "${KUADRANT_REF}/hack/" | bash

The script will detect if you already have a cluster from the single cluster setup running, and prompt you for a multi cluster setup. This will setup an additional kind cluster, install Istio and install Kuadrant. You can re-run the script multiple times to add more clusters. Each cluster will have a number suffix in the name. For example: kuadrant-local-1, kuadrant-local-2, kuadrant-local-3. The original cluster from the single cluster setup will keep its name of just kuadrant-local.

Clean Up

To ensure that any DNS records are removed, you should remove any DNSPolicy and TLSPolicy resources before deleting the local cluster.

What's Next

The next step is to setup and use the policies provided by Kuadrant.

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