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Testing Environment


  • docker
  • docker-compose


Clone the project

git clone
cd limitador/limitador-server/sandbox

Check out make help for all the targets.

Deployment options

Limitador's configuration Command Info
In-memory configuration make deploy-in-memory Counters are held in Limitador (ephemeral)
Redis make deploy-redis Uses Redis to store counters
Redis Cached make deploy-redis-cached Uses Redis to store counters, with an in-memory cache
Infinispan make deploy-infinispan Uses Infinispan to store counters

Limitador's admin HTTP endpoint

curl -i

Downstream traffic

Upstream service implemented by

curl -i -H "Host:"

Limitador Image

By default, the sandbox will run Limitador's limitador-testing:latest image.

Building limitador-testing:latest image

You can easily build the limitador's image from the current workspace code base with:

make build

The image will be tagged with limitador-testing:latest

Using custom Limitador's image

The LIMITADOR_IMAGE environment variable overrides the default image. For example:

make deploy-in-memory

Tear Down

make tear-down