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The DNSPolicy Custom Resource Definition (CRD)


Field Type Required Description
spec DNSPolicySpec Yes The specification for DNSPolicy custom resource
status DNSPolicyStatus No The status for the custom resource


Field Type Required Description
targetRef Gateway API PolicyTargetReference Yes Reference to a Kuberentes resource that the policy attaches to
healthCheck HealthCheckSpec No HealthCheck spec
loadBalancing LoadBalancingSpec No LoadBancking Spec
routingStrategy String (immutable) Yes Immutable! Routing Strategy to use, one of "simple" or "loadbalacned"


Field Type Description
endpoint String The endpoint to connect to (e.g. IP address or hostname of a clusters loadbalancer)
port Number The port to use
protocol String The protocol to use for this request (e.g. Https;Https)
failureThreshold Number Failure Threshold
additionalHeadersRef AdditionalHeadersRef Secret ref which contains k/v: headers and their values that can be specified to ensure the health check is successful
expectedResponses []Number HTTP response codes that should be considered healthy (defaults are 200 and 201)
allowInsecureCertificates Boolean Allow using invalid (e.g. self-signed) certificates, default is false
interval Kubernetes meta/v1.Duration How frequently this check would ideally be executed


Field Type Description
name String Name of the secret containing additional header information


Field Type Description
weighted LoadBalancingWeighted Weighted routing spec
geo LoadBalancingGeo Geo routing spec


Field Type Description
defaultWeight Number Default weight to apply to created records
custom []CustomWeight Custom weights to manipulate records weights based on label selectors


Field Type Description
selector metav1.LabelSelector Label Selector to specify resources that should have this weight applied
weight Number Weight value to apply for matching resources


Field Type Description
defaultGeo String Default geo to apply to records


Field Type Description
observedGeneration String Number of the last observed generation of the resource. Use it to check if the status info is up to date with latest resource spec.
conditions []Kubernetes meta/v1.Condition List of conditions that define that status of the resource.
healthCheck HealthCheckStatus HealthCheck status.


Field Type Description
conditions []Kubernetes meta/v1.Condition List of conditions that define that status of the resource.