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Generating Gateway API HTTPRoutes

Generate Gateway API HTTPRoute object from OpenAPI 3

The kuadrantctl generate gatewayapi httproute command generates an Gateway API HTTPRoute from your OpenAPI Specification (OAS) 3.x powered with kuadrant extensions.

OpenAPI specification

An OpenAPI document resource can be provided to the cli by one of the following channels:

  • Filename in the available path.
  • URL format (supported schemes are HTTP and HTTPS). The CLI will try to download from the given address.
  • Read from stdin standard input stream.


$ kuadrantctl generate gatewayapi httproute -h
Generate Gateway API HTTPRoute from OpenAPI 3.0.X

  kuadrantctl generate gatewayapi httproute [flags]

  -h, --help          help for httproute
  --oas string        Path to OpenAPI spec file (in JSON or YAML format), URL, or '-' to read from standard input (required)
  -o Output format:   'yaml' or 'json'. (default "yaml")

Global Flags:
  -v, --verbose   verbose output

Under the example folder there are examples of OAS 3 that can be used to generate the resources

As an AuthPolicy and RateLimitPolicy both require a HTTPRoute to target, the user guides for generating those policies include examples of running the kuadrantctl generate gatewayapi httproute command.

You can find those guides here: