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Kuadrant Getting Started - Multi Cluster


In this quick start, we will cover the setup of Kuadrant in multiple local kind clusters. This document is intended as a follow on to the single cluster guide. It can be used for adding 1 or more clusters to your local setup.


Environmental Variables

The same environment variable requirements from the Single-cluster Quick Start apply to this document, including the KUADRANT_REF variable.

Set Up a kind cluster and install Kuadrant

Run the same quickstart script from the single cluster quick start:

curl "${KUADRANT_REF}/hack/" | bash

The script will detect if you already have a cluster from the single cluster setup running, and prompt you for a multi cluster setup. This will setup an additional kind cluster, install Istio and install Kuadrant. You can re-run the script multiple times to add more clusters. Each cluster will have a number suffix in the name. For example: kuadrant-local-1, kuadrant-local-2, kuadrant-local-3. The original cluster from the single cluster setup will keep its name of just kuadrant-local.

What's Next

The next step is to setup and use the policies provided by Kuadrant.

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