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Example Dashboards and Alerts

Explore a variety of starting points for monitoring your Kuadrant installation with our examples folder. These dashboards and alerts are ready-to-use and easily customizable to fit your environment.


Importing Dashboards into Grafana

  • UI Method: Use the 'Import' feature in the Grafana UI to upload dashboard JSON files directly.
  • ConfigMap Method: Automate dashboard provisioning by adding files to a ConfigMap, which should be mounted at /etc/grafana/provisioning/dashboards.

Datasources are configured as template variables, automatically integrating with your existing data sources. Metrics for these dashboards are sourced from Prometheus. For more details on the metrics used, visit the metrics documentation page.


Setting Up Alerts in Prometheus

Integrate alerts into Prometheus using a PrometheusRule resource. Adjust alert thresholds to meet your specific operational needs.

Further information on the metrics used for these alerts can be found on the metrics page.